Sunday, May 17, 2009

some slight progress...

i've been slightly distracted lately. my guild's show was pretty awe inspiring. and regular inspiring. i've been told in no uncertain terms that i'm expected to produce something for the next show. or several somethings. :) something to look forward to. some more inspiration that has come from the show is this alzheimer's quilt.

one of the women in the guild produced some written instructions. basically, the quilts need to provide visual interest (colour), textural interest (different fabrics) and some repetative movement (beads, zippers, velcro, etc). this particular quilt came together REALLY quickly from my pile as well as my mum's scraps from a variety of different projects. i will definitely be making more, since they're SUPER creatively open and give me a chance to try out a ton of different things, as well as practice top stitching, getting my corners to match, etc. defs love the medium, and being able to participate in the charity aspect of the guild. :)

next up: the wedding quilt:

it's coming along at least, and only two point squares will have to be ripped and redone, so that's not too bad. i'll have the blocks pieced before long, maybe by next weekend, and then i will just have to figure out what to do with the back and gather some batting. this will be my first attempt at quilting the whole thing myself, (not just tying the quilt) which is kind of exciting! and scary, especially considering it's a gift for an AMAZING seamstress and quilter. yikes.

oh! and some exciting news: my grandmother is scaling down and moving and she GAVE ME A QUILTING FRAME! so i'm going to try to learn something about hand quilting and see if I can manage to quilt something myself. YAY! and, another exciting: i also scored my aunt's fancy-dancy quilting table thinger that goes with my machine (like professionally, not just some table or whatever) and folds out to have extra table space to hold my project, and the level goes up and down and there's a fitted acrylic template made specifically for my exact machine model. HOLY. one final little brag: i love my new machine so much. i'm pretty sure that my old singer would have left me in tears by now, the difference is just SO vast between my old machine and my new machine. *loves*

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